In June of this year, my mom and I plan to visit family in China. While I was borne in China, I am sorely lacking in the understanding of different aspects of Chinese culture and history, as I was raised in the US from the time I was one years old. I have taken a course at Duke University that delved into some of the history of 20th century China, but I have a few goals in mind that I hope to accomplish in order to gain some knowledge on the intricate culture of China. The first goal is to gain knowledge of the history on some of the locations that we plan to visit -- Beijing, Qing Dao, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and the Great Wall. The second goal is to gain knowledge on festivals and holidays celebrated in China, and my final goal is to explore important cultural representations of China like the Giant Panda. Hopefully by the time I venture to China, I will have the beginnings of some grasp of Chinese culture